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It is thought to determine which methods will suitable with consumers most successfully in the ever-changing landscape of marketing. Just when marketers faith on the theme then they understand new technology, entirely new audience alters, their audience, and new behavior or everything. That said, it’s practical to consider on the previous year’s patterns and give attention to develop trends that will affect next year’s success. Here are eight Marketing Trends you would be wise to keep your eye and attention on going into 2019. Various new digital marketing strategies and trends are included in the current high-tech, Internet-connected time which means that businesses required to use them to succeed in their activities because what worked for your previous year may not work (as well) this year.

1) Voice Search-Marketing Trends

Enhancing the use of the voice search has created it essential for companies to again think their digital marketing strategies. This plays an essential role in giving all the beneficial information that people is searching for anything by the audio contents. AI is receiving various errors done by the voice assistants such as Google, Alexa and Siri have decreased. As digital marketing company puts it:-” Adopting a voice search strategy is not just about remaining significant:- It is also all about making an optimized and wonderful clients experience that will support to make brand loyalties and relationships. Various brands are having involving voice search in their digital marketing strategies to provide value-based content valuable to their clients, like:

  1. PayPal users can involve Siri to send money to businesses, friends, and friends. 
  2. Patron tequila support customers to enter personalized cocktail recipes. 
  3. Tide gives advice regarding removing stains source of more than 180 various materials. 
  4. Dominos permit to pizza-lover to order from the ease of their couch without having a place to online order and pick up the mobile phone. 
  5. Campbell’s has skills that support hungry customers to pick and cook recipes. 
  6. Nestle makes a skill that gives cooking instructions as you to cook. For all voice technology, don’t forget to write in an informal tone, focus on receiving featured snippets on Google, and consider the keyword that people will speak rather than type.

2) Chatbots-Marketing Trends

Customer service is important, but all are not feeling comfortable communicating with a real person on the phone, or they have time that they can email them. That’s what creates chatbots handy. These are quite AI-supported involve into a website that can question, answer and fulfill the request immediately. And so many can perform this without sacrificing personality. The grand view freshers display that:-

  1. The top advantage of the chatbots is 24-hour services(63%), immediate response to inquiries(54%) and answer to the easy and simple questions(%#%).
  2. 62% of respondents like messaging an online chatbot to talk with the professionals and businesses. 
  3. By 2021, chatbots will support business save more than $7 billion per annum. 4
  4. Chatbots will provide 84%of customers services by 2020. 
  5. 5) 75% of businesses want this by 2020. Various clients like to communicate with chatbots as they are fully responsive 24/7, accurately recall your whole buying history and provide an answer promptly, and they never lose their patience. 

These essential assistants provide meeting customers expectations, outstanding customer service, and automatically repeat the task-that means you can focus on much essential work. So many companies are using chatbots already like OLA, and Uber, whose chatbots talk with customers, creating it simple for them to hire cabs by their Mobile App, Google Maps, and Messengers. Customers can use the menu to select the kind of rides, create the requests, track the card location, and also make the payments. Some other companies are using this that is Zomato, Pizza Hut, Foods market, Sephora, Swiggy, Fandango, and Staples.

3) Artificial Intelligence-Marketing Trends

Artificial Intelligence will take all over the world. At least the world’s easier jobs. Just a few years ago, Gartner analysts forecast that by 2020, Artificial intelligence(AI) would be universal in almost all the new software services and product-a prediction that Harvard business reviews seconded simpler this year. AI is the greatest commercial opportunity for nations, companies, and industries over the next few decades and will enhance world GDP by up to 13% between now and 2029. A certain fact that a means AI latecomers will find themselves at a major competitive disadvantage within the further some years.


AI can define the search pattern and consumer behaviors, and use data from blog posts and social media platforms to support businesses, that they will understand how users find their services and products. One interesting example of AI in practice is chatbots. MasterCard builds a Facebook messenger bot-that uses original languages processing software to figure out what the customer’s requirements and respond as if it was an actually person-to automate managing payments. As soon as AI will drive force behind various services and at present, they are already looking it applied in some areas:-

  1. Content creation.
  2. eCommerce affairs.
  3. Basic communication.
  4. Email personalizations.
  5. Products suggestions.

4) Video Marketing-Marketing Trends

Video marketing is one of the most essential marketing trends now a day and fortunately for the Next Six to 10 years. These quantities display the importance of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy in 2019. And not just imagine YouTube. To observe higher commitments with your video marketing, you can create a video post or begun an experience broadcast on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. One of the problems that marketers have faced in recent years is the developing shift to mobile devices. Those long from the sales page and email of last year are decreasing the capability just because on the mobile screen, they are simple but tough to read. But video can display similar information in a format that works excellently regardless of platform. One of the most beneficial advantages of creating a video marketing campaign is how it enables you to simply reformat your matter. Suppose that you are going to record a video for your YouTube channel. In place of just publishing it to YouTube you could also:-

  1. Upload the raw video with the reproduction as subtitles to Facebook(original Facebook video receive extreme impression share and participation than shared YouTube video). 
  2. Use the video thumbnails in your email marketing campaigns, and the video in the subject line to enhance email marketing. 
  3. Get it transcribed so, you’re having a text version of the video. 
  4. Turn the transcription into an independent blog content with a little rewrite and add the important images/stats. 
  5. Rip the audio alone and use it as a podcast episode.

5) Influencer Marketing-Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing is also a unique social media strategy, but whose Influencer is starting to charge. Companies earlier relied on stardom to satisfy people that products are useful when you are purchasing this, but clients are now knowing toward their peers. The frozen food dealer Iceland, for example, recently switch from start marketing to involve with actual people because their clients, in this case, trusted other clients above the brand and so-called industry experts. Next year, it customizes your influencer marketing strategy following to who your clients are most probably to reply. Marketing is becoming growing more complex, so, it is realistic for marketers to stay their eyes on further patterns, technologies, and methods. Browser Push Notifications Email has been working into every sort of problems with tighter control, involving GDPR and stronger filter, and with the new clients favoring various methods for talking, push notifications are on the top. Static display that 34% of 17 to 33 years old always opt into website push notification. As part of the bid to involve users on various channels, push notifications are something you will watch many brands adopting in 2019, and they are receiving more personalized and sophisticated. In fact, using push notifications enhance transformations. 

  1. 6% open rate for divided push messaging compared to a 2% open rate for broadcast message and generic. 
  2. 55% of users transferred from divided push notifications, compared to only 14% for the broadcast message. Notifications triggered by behaviors, and rearrange the users by using this. Who have display excitement but failed to transfer, and in recovering revenue income from the unlimited shopping cart.

6) A/B Testing-Marketing Trends

In an A/B testing, you get an app screen and webpage and modify it to make another version of this page. These changes are very simple just like one headline and button and be a total redesign of the webpage. Then half of your traffic is displays the unique version of the page and half are displays the modified version of the webpage. As a visitor are proved the variations and control, their emerging with all the experiences collected and measured in and analytics dashboard and analyze by a statics engine. You can verify the change, and that change is positive or negative and effect of the visitors positively and negatively. This permit the companies, individuals, and teams to create changes to their user experience while gathering data on the outcomes. This enables them to make hypotheses and to know very well by important elements of the experience impact user behaviors. In the other way, they can be proven false. AB testing can be used regularly to continually enhance a providing experience, enhancing a single goal like transformation rate over time.

7) Quality Content-Marketing Trends

In the recent climate, content is actually everything. You already know that you required to your audience:- Promoting their thoughts, appeal to their feelings, inspired them, and excited them the goal is not easy and simple to put the content in front of the visitors and people, and hope they will respond to it, but rather to support them to share, and merge with it. Context-where it is an article on output and shares a video on social media- It opens the door for two methods to communicate. Which is beneficial for making trust and letting clients know that you admire their businesses and companies. High -quality content answer of the query completely and clearly. Instead of just liking over the problem, it pitches it and stickers it totally. Rather, merely parroting what is already out there, it includes fresh spin, unique and detailed to a current issue and support to your readers and gives the whole information they are required to solve the problem. Anyone with a handful of writing skills, it can do an immediate Google search and imitate off what they are searching in a post actually that is new, but quite far from unique. Unlikely copying other people’s work isn’t what reach your top Google status.

Final Word For the 2019 Marketing Trends For Your Business Growth

You’re up to speed for now. If your recent advertising and campaigns don’t bring with these trends, don’t worry. Gently apply these changes to your marketing activities and make sure all of your activities are legal and compliant. As long as you’re holding a thumb on add some new current marketing trends — and always continue with the open to change — your business would not down behind. They are listing eight marketing trends that you can use in your marketing. If you are looking for new trends just check this list and go with this.






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