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Best Trello Alternatives For 2020

What Is Trello And Why You May Need It?

Trello constitutes an online project management tool that is extremely popular mainly due to its ability to organize tasks and work into visual boards.

Running Trello Kanban boards, you can insert tasks or cards in your projects, including descriptions, build checklists, earmark due dates, join assets, allocate tasks to crew members, and perform different actions that a usual Kanban board permits. Users acknowledge a user-friendly interface and general ease of the platform. Moreover, Trello offers its customers with easy iOS and Android apps.

Trello builds up most of its power from its capacity to include third-party apps other than ‘power-ups’. However, these power-ups arrive at an extra cost of almost $9.99 each user.

Irrespective of how “perfect” a few of us think a tool is, sometimes we wish to see if there are other products that could cater to our specific needs better.

If you desire to match tools and view if a task-oriented software exists that is more suited to your needs, seek no further. The following is a curated list of a few of the best Trello alternatives in the market. Let’s begin!

  1. Zepel
  2. Asana
  3. Monday.com
  4. Paymo
  5. Taskworld
  6. Clarizen

# 1 Zepel

Zepel comprises the project management tool that permits you to streamline your product building process at every stage. It allows you to collaborate across disciplines, plan features, and monitor the advancement of a complete feature in true-time.

The greatest distinction between Zepel and Trello, besides the functionalities, is that Zepel goes beyond plain task tracking and lets you track a complete feature while staying easy and simple to use.

With an easy, document-type interface, scheduling features in Zepel is as simple as keying into a word document. After you’ve designed a project, you can easily plan a feature you’re designing with Tasks, User Stories, Enhancements, Subtasks, and Bugs.

Zepel – An Alternative To Trello

A specimen Android App project with Dashboard feature being tasked on. After you’re prepared to bring members, you can insert any number of boards inside the project to monitor your work and accomplish work.

Dev Board Inside Android App Project

And if you run Sprints, Zepel has a focused view for Sprints, Sprint Boards, and Reports, enabling you to know precisely where your Sprint stands.

Why Use Zepel In Place Of Trello?

  • Multiple Boards inside a project to store design, QA, development, and others in one project.
  • Document type editor to schedule features.
  • Devoted Sprint view.
  • Easy drag-and-drop cards to highlight features.
  • Detailed Reports.
  • Progress view to monitoring a complete feature.
  • Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and Slack Integrations.
  • Advanced filters for you to locate precisely what you wish.
  • One-click Trello imports to begin fast.
  • Developer compliant public APIs.

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# 2 Asana

Asana, similar to Trello, is among the most common project management tools. It’s extensively employed by different non-technical teams to monitor who is doing what and by when.

Asana has various views, like boards, list, and calendar that permits teams to monitor their work.

You can exchange attachments, notes, follow and ‘like’ tasks, insert due dates, and get email notifications when a task is entrusted to you or if anyone on your crew has made alterations to the project or task.

Asana renders it simple to insert files to tasks, having size till 100MB and the finest part is the no-limit storage. With lots of third-party integrations such as Dropbox, Zendesk, Hipchat, Jira and many more, Asana improves your productivity and aids you manage your entire operations from one tool.

Why prefer Asana against Trello?

  • Multiple views
  • List view to see your tasks
  • Interactive to use
  • Integrations
  • Dashboard view

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# 3 Monday.com

Monday.com comprises a scalable platform. This work platform may be utilized by little startups and also big enterprises. It has the capacity to handle and monitor complex processes. The tool will offer insights on workload, budget, project progress, etc.


  • Monday.com will let you import your projects from Trello.
  • There will be constant true-time data syncing with Trello.
  • The dashboard will permit you to monitor the progress, evaluate the workload, and administer budgets.

Why Utilize Monday.com Against Trello?

Monday.com offers different options for analyzing, organizing, viewing, and executing the projects while the focus of Trello is on the Kanban technique. Trello offers support through Tickets and Training while monday.com furnishes support through Phone, Tickets, Live Support, Email, and Training

Monday.com is a comprehensive solution for time management, business process management, team management, project management, etc.

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# 4 Paymo

Paymo is a reliable website with over 50000 freelancers as mentioned by Paymo itself. Though Paymo even offers free services to the freelancers regarding Project Management, its paid services are strong enough to flaunt a community.

It assists its users to cooperate with the team and also permits time tracking features and handles the project from beginning to end. That’s the cause why Paymo is more relied on by large scale enterprises, merchants, freelancers, and web designers. Paymo provides leading focus to the general performance with no compromise on quality.


  • Time Tracking feature presents an instant time tracker to register the time used on a project.
  • Mobile apps feature allows you to work offline and modifications are made instantly to your synchronized account when linked to the internet.
  • Desktop apps such as search function can be utilized to locate a task or modify the available time record entry.
  • File Storage maintains the entire data and information at one spot, you can even download and preview the data within your browser.
  • Timesheets assist you to picture the data in calendar style with week, month and day displays.

Why Employ Paymo Against Trello?

  • Paymo contains time tracking features which render it more easy and flexible to use.
  • Numerous big scale enterprises such as Edris, Apollo, Agenzia, Acilia, Keyzo besides many others use Paymo every day.
  • Why employ various apps when you can obtain everything from one app.
  • Gathers entire data at one location for it to be accessed anytime.
  • Handles projects from beginning to end.

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# 5 Taskworld

Taskworld was designed and set up by Fred Mouawad. This app comprises a cloud-related cooperation platform built to support task and project administration, interaction through messages, evaluate performance and present metrics for analysis of team progress.


  • This app contains a chat application tool for the team and group messages and also for personal and direct messages.
  • Interactive dashboard for building diverse tasks set due dates, and tracking progress.
  • Hierarchical project management comprising the project, project group, task, task list, and checklist.
  • Time Tracking feature is also present.

Why Employ Taskworld Over Trello?

  • Enhanced privacy settings.
  • Devoted server in your personal Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • Till 100 GB of storage.
  • Unrestricted workspace for big scale enterprises.
  • Chat application for team cooperation and private messages.

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# 6 Clarizen

If you desire to spike your enterprise to the next stage and wish to empower the latest technologies to attain specific goals then Clarizen emerges as the finest option for Trello.

It upholds separate working styles in an enterprise to attain autonomy. Together with that, it reacts fast for true-time communication and purposeful cooperation thereby making it a better choice for Trello.


  • Back languages like French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English, and many more.
  • Cooperative project management.
  • Perfect software for middle-sized to big scale enterprises.
  • Ideal for numerous industrial areas.

Why Utilize Clarizen Over Trello?

  • Clarizen concentrates more on implementing business strategies.
  • Agility and speed.
  • Technologies that uphold separate working styles.
  • True-time information for furnishing empowerment and autonomy.

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How to pick the correct Trello alternative with excellent Kanban functionality for your crew? A few things must be considered before choosing the tool like:

  • Project workflow
  • The team size
  • The tools should be combined with
  • Installation time and cost
  • Convenience of onboarding

The finest Trello alternative should hold people together to cooperate and work efficiently.

So, when you are seeking Trello alternatives, there are lots of solutions present – you simply have to discover what you desire. Hopefully, one of our best alternative lists will fit you perfectly well.

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