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Marketers are just like babies crying to get more attention. And when things get hard, they want to run away for the want of budgets and resources. If you are a marketer, I am sure you can relate to this, apart from Jokes, receiving results from marketing, is becoming major challenge day-to-day. With a messy online space, it takes plenty more than blood and sweat to receive brand visibility, allow alone real customers. And the problem multiplies because of the superfluity of marketing funnels and required to be everywhere. That’s why they have listed 16 AI tools for marketing.

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1) MarketMuse-AI tools for marketing

AI tools for marketing, marketmuse platform

MarketMuse creates content with your competitive benefits. Getting the most SEO advantage out of branded content can be a long, dragged out process. MarketMuse is a useful resource for content research, competitive analysis, and SEO, and makes the process faster. This different tool uses artificial intelligence to support to make content more appropriate to a niche. It enables you to know about search terms that you have not used on your website, for the case.

Marketers can use the free version of MarketMuse to fill and analyze content gaps. The cloud-based software enables content creators to review the significance of a webpage relative to a niche or topic and gives a report of the keyword regularity along with recommendations for progress. It doubles the performance of your content. It optimized your current content to rank top for more keywords and enhance audience engagement. You can find gaps and chance for latest content creation prioritized according to their possible impact.

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2) Exceed.ai-AI tools for marketing

Exceed.ai, AI tools for marketing

A Gartner study found that the average number of people engage in B2B purchase decisions is 6.8. The tool works as an essential sales assistant supporting personalizing chat and automates email communication. It says to outlook and understands their product demands before a human sales representative, can take the discussion further. Exceed.AI tries to follow human conversations to gives a natural experience to possible customers.

Lead qualification and interaction, thus, becomes a big challenge. This tool uses AI technology to take the effort out of direct qualification by supporting marketing teams to qualify leads and boost up the sales process. It is a cloud-based software that supports sales and marketing professionals to communicate with the drive at any time from anywhere. The software comes with smart and modern technologies such as a personalized lead nurturing, meeting scheduler, and user-profiling.

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3) Chorus-AI tools for marketing

AI tools for marketing, chorus platform

The clients are at the heart of any marketing efforts. If the markets understand the audience pain points, then 1/2 part of their job is completed. The AI technology makes sure that the market can save some time on interviewing the sales team as it gives insights into what a deal did and did not close. With the help of conversation software, the sales team more focus on sale in place of the creating report on each customer’s instructions. This tool is an AI platform that supports markets to collect the customer’s data by analyzing and recording sales calls. The software takes call notes and keeps them into the organization’s CRM tool. This tool support to make an information backlog that is packed with the customer’s preference and insight.el.

1) This tool review all the deals based on conversion metrics.

2) Replicate and identify behaviors that lead to quota attainments.

3) Single-click integration with your sales tools, and workflow.

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4) Lumen5-AI tools for marketing

lumen5, AI tools for marketing

Lumen5 is the smart tool that brings the hard work out of making professional-looking slideshow videos. The software uses AI technology to compress a blog post, and then turn it into a video. It pops the link of a blog article post into this video Maker and it will provide you a slideshow that you can edit the blog posts, and then make the final video. The tool enables content creators to include the music according to preference, brand logo, and images. The premium version of the Lumen5 AI-based video creation software costs $49 per month.

1) You can surprise your audience with professional quality figures. Limitless access to the million of the video from Shutterstock, Getty and many others.

2) You can make the thumb-stopping videos, convert heads with the most captivating themes and styles custom-tailored for social media.

3) This tool is excellent for social ads, posts, and stories.

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5) NetBase-AI tools for marketing

netbase platform, AI tools for marketing

Net-based software gives real-time and immediate insights about audience reactions and emotions on updates and company news. It allows professionals to analyze millions of social media discussions in no time at all, supporting them to at more attention to strategy. Social media listening is a famous way for marketers to know about their competition, audience, and brand conversations.

This tool brings social listening to the latest and new level by perfusing machine learning and depth learning into the process. This tool helps social media marketers with various insights such as drivers, audience behavior, and sentiment. The software jumped into an influencer, gender, language analysis, and location-specific analysis to gives micro-level and deeper insights.

1) This tool provides real-time customers’ perception you required to understand to deliver on your goal.

2) This software scale to meet all your data requirements- trillions of conversation, all are ready to analyze.

3) This software is totally leverage machine learning, deep learning and expert systems for actionable customer experience perceptions.

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6) Google AutoDraw-AI tools for marketing

AI tools for marketing, Google AutoDraw

As marketers, they understand the struggle of browsing across various vector and stock illustration websites to find an excellent drawing for further collateral. Google’s AutoDraw create drawing as easy as pie as simple. You can open this AI-based and get start doodling. It provides images suggestions based on the drawing, giving the extended version of a cake or beds and flowers.

You can understand this tool more by the example they draw extreme child-like flowers, which prompted the menu of selection at the top to show, and then they pick anyone. This tool is a new type of drawing tool that pairs the magic of machine learning to withdraw from expert artists to support to all to make anything fast and visual.

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7) Xinoah-AI tools for marketing

xinoah platform, artificial intelligence platform

Xinoah gives various AI-driven solutions such as demand predictors and pricing solutions, media and product Recommender. These tools support mass-analyzing data-sets which enable marketers to save time and develop the customer experience. These solutions are beneficial, and useful to a different kind of business verticals such as retail, media, e-commerce, and finance. 

A Salesforce study says that 76% of consumers want companies to understand their expectations and needs. The mobile-savvy and Internet-audience of nowadays have a broader choice of content, products, and services, so customization has become an unavoidable power source of competitive benefits. Forecasting customer behavior is another place where AI is supporting marketers seeming to give excellent customer experiences.

1) This software is the access to state-of-the-art AI, which means most of the business can’t compete with the tech giants when it comes to hiring top data scientists.

2) This software is free, making custom solutions are valuable and success is not guaranteed.

3) This software is having heavy unexploited incremental value. Using AI to display customer the perfect items at the perfect time, Netflix saves $1 billion in one year.

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8) OneSpot-AI tools for marketing

onespot content, artificial intelligence platform

OneSpot uses machine learning to clarify the process. It understands user behavior and context to provide appropriate content. The software separates branded content into topics and sub-topics to recognize individual content choices before keeping it up on the perfect channel. So many marketers find it tough to cope with promoting and personalizing content at scale. Customizing content down to the level of the particular provides various online channels, never sounds realistic. But thankful to AI, it’s possible.

1) Make deeper relationships by the enhance relevance that me and this software individualization platform makes interest profiles for all the persons, whether returning or new and allow your brand to provide individualized product and content and provide 100% of your email subscribers and visitors.

2) This software increase various purchases such as Find in Store and Buy Now by giving contextually appropriate products and offer based on particular interests.

3) You can create more informed editorial decisions by receiving insight into how content is sounding with your audience. Immediately recognized the excellent performing content by to know content quality scores and audience engagement.

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9) Node-AI tools for marketing

node, artificial intelligence platform

Node is the first automated machine learning solution created for platforms that influence company data, and influence people. Powered by Artificial Intuition™ technology, this solution alloys product development teams to build and expand AI-powered forecast feature sets for both internal use applications and customer-facing, all through a standard API that can be set up within minutes. This artificial intelligence tool supports marketers find new leads and guides them through the conversion process. 

Node uses its database to seek connections between entities on the web, such as people, products, and companies. It then uses its algorithm to seek people who want to buy a product or interact with a particular company. This tool works as event management:- You can customization contents and session recommendations, new participant recommendations. Applicant tracking:-New applicant recommendations and best employee penetrations, high-performance and at-risk employee identifications.

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10) Atomic reach-AI tools for marketing

atomic reach platform, artificial intelligence platform

Atomic reach AI rewrites and identifies the most essential sentence in your content to increase conversions. This platform also gives writing support by recommended appropriate phrases and words. Have you ever scratched your head to seek the perfect words for an ad? This tool does the reflection for time-starved marketers to make ROI driven-content, at your preferred pace. Writing best copy for newsletters can be enjoyable, but not when you are struggling to see new ideas. Don’t worry, you now have a supporter you to write better. This tool supports audit branded content through channels such as paid ads, blogs, and email. The tool gives content intelligence to support to enhance quality and importance in addition to supporting to decrease the editing time.

1) Analyzes your content and customer data to display the space between your content’s sentimental tone and credibility in relation to your client’s choice.

2) You can make the custom profile for every of your customer segments and make the content recipe and presentation predictions for every piece of content.

3) You can optimize your content through including the phrases and words that force your customers.

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11) Aivo-AI tools for marketing

aivo platform, best artificial intelligence platform

Aivo AI customer service tool gives voice-based and chat-based solutions that collaborate with customers, supporting them with their questions. This tool supports businesses gives quick customer service which enable marketers to save resources and saves time. Good customer service is at the heart of business success. This tool is perfect for automated customer service solutions. You can create conversation counts with useful, 24/7, customer relationships. Their AI allows natural language models that understand your users, creating them happier.

This tool is easy for you that you can manage and build. Keep in control of your customer experience. Receive perception and customizes the path and flow of conversations to match your brand on any device and funnel. Omnichannel smooth customers experience, immediately solve 22% most usual questions, on any funnel, for more satisfied clients. From automated messaging to audio assistance.

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12) Seamless.AI-AI tools for marketing

AI tools for marketing, seamless.AI

Seamless.AI support to marketers to make their contacts list. You can use the free versions of this tool while the limitless version price$96 per month. This sales intelligence tool support stack up phone numbers, biographies, email addresses and contacts. And then maintain and create a list of prospects less manual effort. The AI tool also supports with pitch research and data validation, supporting to close more deals.here are some features of this tool. 

1) You can receive emails validated by artificial intelligence for every ideal account, and contacts also you can receive phone number validated.

2) Immediately make lists of your most valuable and profitable contact.

3) You can receive background information and give effort to the teachers on every ideal accounts and contact.

4) Immediately see the ideal accounts and contacts through all special platforms. Received social media profiles and feeds for every ideal accounts and contact.

5) Immediately make a list of your most valuable and profitable accounts.

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13) Crayon-AI tools for marketing


Crayon uses artificial intelligence to bring effort out of analyzing competition through the various online funnel. The tool keeps competition data in one dashboard, assisting marketers to create immediate strategic decisions. It features daily email summaries to keep marketers informed of the new industry updates and transfers linked information to review, product pricing, and new launches. Tracking online competition is a time-taking task. It takes more manual effort to track competitor content on various social media platforms.

This tool tracks more than 100 data types through more than 300 resources to gives a whole view of your competitors. You can capture all movies of your competitors create automatically. You can tap into more than 300 resources of competitors’ intelligence to track everything from marketing events, pricing change, and customer reviews. Spend little time researching and more time to acting and analyzing your findings. Appear the signal out of the noise, human intelligence and engaging artificial to highlight key trends and updates. 

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14) WordLift-AI tools for marketing

WordLift, Artificial intelligence platform

WordLift is the first indicative plugin for WordPress that uses original language processing and linking data publishing for automating structured data marked. This plugin analysis articles, and switch text into machine-friendly content to develop the audience involvement and to enhance the original traffic of a website. This plugin also gives help for content suggestions. The software support to marketers to create their content machine-friendly through doing away with those manual tasks that are needed to create a piece of content search-friendly. AI SEO tool supports automated internal linking and creates content simpler to seek through search engines and users. How this plugin has worked:-

1) Organize your content:- This plugin recommends facts and information to give readers with value add and context indicative markup to your text to support the machine totally understand your website.

2) Make it wonderful:- This plugin support you to enhance your content with pictures and strong data visualization, like timeline and maps to involve your readers with a captivating users experience.

3) connect and publish:- You can Add appropriate recommendations, this plugin enables your readers to dig bottom into your content, and you can use your data search the latest new ways to monetize and distribute your content.

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15) Automizy-AI tools for marketing

Automizy, best email markeetging platforms.

Automizy uses artificial intelligence to support to marketers to optimize and analyze email subject lines. The software is a full-entitled email marketing and automation tool with AI abilities. This email tool gives intense analytics and A/B testing features to support email pros compress the most out of their events. Email automation stays a comprehensive part of the driving nurturing process. Top it off with AI, and you are bound to stimulate excitement and take team performance to the next level.

1) AI-powered Subject Line Tester:- You can receive a score for your subject lines before striking send. The Subject Line Tester displays you how better your subject lines perform compared to further Automizy events. Enhance it until you get the best scores.

2) Automatic Resend:- You can resend your event automatically to non-disclosure with the latest subject lines and create more subscribers click your emails.

3) Machine Learning powered A/B testing:-You can write apex four subject line changes for your automated emails and enable the algorithm to automatically optimize your changes for greatest open rate.

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16) Smartly.io-AI tools for marketing

Smartly.io, best powering beautifully ads

Smartly.Io is the cloud-based automation tool to decrease the manual effort in editing and running premium campaigns and supports to marketers to improve and test campaigns. This tool also has innovative solutions to make ads in various formats. You might be required to experiment with this all-in-one paid marketing solution. This AI-based tool creates premium marketing on Instagram and Facebook a breeze. You can make the data-stoked ads at scale, you can scale video using up to date products and cost would not be possible without an attractive automation solution. You can save time with silky event managements. You can automatically optimize your performance. The power of your brand with a different partnership:-

1) Artistic and performance expertise.

2) 24/5 chat support services.

3) Speed and innovation markets.

4) Managed services and self-serve.

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Final Word Of The 16 Widely Used AI Tools To Improve Your Productivity

Artificial intelligence cannot imitate human intellect and creativity. Yet, it is able to take away the task-huge load so that marketers can focus on strategic creativity and planning. AI tools are beneficial in analyzing bulk data sets to dig into perceptions about existing and potential customers. The technology supports personalize contents and campaigns, brings the user experience to a completely new level. It automates various tasks from content research to competitive intelligence to Search Engine Optimization to premium campaigns. If you are looking Widely Used AI Tools To Improve Your Productivity just check this list once, I hope you will find the best tools for your productivity.




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