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Best Sketch App Templates Of 2020 To Design Your Website

Sketch is a vector design tool that operates on Mac and is easy-to-use and simplistic, making it preferred by a greater number of designers. Moreover, an increasing number of designers are exchanging free sketch app resources, offering UI/UX designers assistance in developing their projects conveniently and rapidly. The following is a list of the best sketch app templates in the present year to design your website and other needs.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Arion
  2. Brook
  3. Wireland
  4. CryptoCamp Mobile UI Kit
  5. TOMO Video Streaming UI Kit
  6. Kraken – iOS App UI Kit
  7. NPAY – Wallet Mobile App
  8. Elemento
  9. Foody
  10. Moo

# 1 Arion

Arion possesses the finest dashboard design, executed in dark and light versions, and carries a sophisticated Design system.

This Sketch template offers easy customization – every Sketch file is cautiously labeled and includes an overview of the hierarchy of layers and groups for simple access. You can quickly substitute any image, alter color, icon, etc. with only a few clicks.

The template includes an extensive set of pages: Dashboard, Calendar, E-Commerce, Chat, Mail, ToDo, Contacts, Timeline, File Manager and more.


  • Trend Design
  • Detailed UI
  • Design Systems
  • Organized Layered Sketch Files
  • Set of icons
  • Trendy Google Fonts
  • High Resolution

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# 2 Brook

Brook comprises a Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme and is truly constituted for all with thirty homepage designs, and 90 plus other pages. Brook can adapt to a big range of businesses, agencies, services, designers, design studios, freelancers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs…


  • Thirty Homepages
  • Oriented on 1170px Grid System
  • 90 plus other pages
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Neat, easy to use and simple
  • Solely for sketch
  • Free Icon Fonts
  • Free Google Web Fonts
  • Extended Documentation
  • Besides Much More…

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# 3 Wireland

Wireland comprises a Total Wireframing Library Collection maximized to organize web design projects truly fast and simple while obtaining excellent results. This library possesses 200 plus readily usable layout sections split into 19 popular content categories.

Wireland wholly concerns wireframing. It is equipped with more than 200 predefined layouts, and there’s a specific amount of detail, presenting you greater than lo-fidelity, though the serene and uncluttered blue aesthetic is ideal for wireframes.

It contains a library of devices, employs symbols, markup elements for displaying flow, and is oriented on Bootstrap’s well-known grid. You can even download the free sample to check out before buying the complete licensed version.


  • 2,000 plus probable combinations
  • 200 plus Layouts ready for use
  • 7 Ready for use landing pages
  • 19 famous content categories
  • UI kit base elements
  • 40 separate navigation styles
  • Markups and Comments Elements
  • Atomic Design Implementation
  • Symbols Best Practice
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Google Fonts
  • Text styles
  • It contains a library of gadgets: smartphones, desktop, laptops, tablets, smartwatch, etc.

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# 4 CryptoCamp Mobile UI Kit

CryptoCamp comprises an iOS UI Kit formed to assist in your process of financial app development. Build successful crypto app designs quickly and easily with meticulously crafted elements of mobile UI Kit for Sketch. More than 20 screens are logically linked to each other, equalling the most renowned cryptocurrency app features. All templates seem perfect on each iPhone, like iPhone X, iPhone 8 and also iPhone SE.


  • Overrides
    An easy and practical override system rested on nested symbols. Well-conceived and simple-to-use
  • Resizing Constraints
    Work quicker with a massive library of resizable components and elements
  • Neatly Organized
    Every symbol, component or element is tidily structured and organized

Product Highlights

  • 20 plus iOS Screens
  • Well organized layers
  • 375×812 artboard size @1x
  • Easy alterable icons and color scheme
  • Entire Google Web Fonts
  • Multipurpose and Flexible
  • Compliant with Sketch
  • CryptoCamp Mobile UI Kit – 7

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# 5 TOMO Video Streaming UI Kit

TOMO Video Streaming UI Kit constitutes a package for XD, Sketch and Figma which contains 20 top-quality iOS screens that you can employ in handy to design elegant, high-fidelity models for beginning with video streaming applications. Scalable, minimal and pixel-perfect… it’s worth checking out!.

Main Features

  • 375×812 Resolution
  • 20 iOS Screens
  • 100% scalable Vectors
  • San Francisco fonts (contained on download package)
  • Wholly based on Flat Design Standards
  • Compliant with Sketch, Figma & XD
  • Well-documented file for Help
  • Easy to alter the color style

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# 6 Kraken – iOS App UI Kit

Design any type of app for iOS quicker with a top-quality assortment of templates for Sketch. The file contains all the latest features like Symbols, Resize Options, Overrides, Text and Layer Styles in over 10 popular categories.

APP Screens:

They all have 15 Screens each of:

  • Sign Up
  • Walkthrough
  • Loading
  • Feed
  • Chats
  • Ecommerce
  • News
  • Menu
  • Profile
  • Others


1 PDF Documentation
1 Sketch 55.2 file
Free TTF Fonts

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# 7 NPAY – Wallet Mobile App

NPAY wallet comprises a Financial application that aids to receive lightning-fast money through mobile phone number and also upholds payment of monthly bills like electricity, internet, water, consumer loans, cable TV, … with simply a tap.

Feature (300 Screens):

  • Register: 13 Screens
  • Launch and Walkthroughs: 6 Screens
  • Login: 13 Screens
  • Forgot Password: 6 Screens
  • Re-Login: 10 Screens
  • Home: 4 Screens
  • Search: 5 Screens
  • Notification: 9 Screens
  • Log Out: 2 Screens
  • Withdrawal: 9 Screens
  • Deposit: 10 Screens
  • Payment Code: 3 Screens
  • All Feature: 9 Screens
  • Scan Code: 3 Screens
  • Receive Money: 6 Screens
  • Request Money Transfer: 10 Screens
  • Transfer: 17 Screens
  • Manage Group Of Friends: 10 Screens
  • Order Food Online: 14 Screens
  • Pay Bills: 61 Screens
  • Give Gift: 9 Screens
  • Antivirus: 9 Screens
  • Buy Movie Tickets: 17 Screens
  • Game Online: 9 Screens
  • Train Tickets: 25 Screens
  • Settings: 9 Screens
  • Plane Tickets: 32 Screens
  • Link Account: 6 Screens
  • Hotel Booking: 22 Screens
  • Transaction History: 13 Screens
  • Incentives: 17 Screens
  • My Wallet: 26 Screens

Font Used: Montserrat

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# 8 Elemento

Elemento comprises a versatile Sketch Template consisting of 40 plus flexible ready-for-use pages, organized to aid kick-start your following web design project.

Ideal for: App, Tech business, Startups, Landing page, Product presentation, Blog, SaaS Companies, Etc.

These templates have been integrated utilizing the “Atomic Design methodology” that permits to renew and implement modifications really quickly and easily.


  • 40 plus readily usable templates
  • 15 separate home pages
  • Mobile version – 320px
  • Web version – 1441px
  • 100 plus layouts
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Atomic Design Methodology
  • Symbols Best Practice
  • Well Layered and Named
  • Premium Set of Icons
  • Font Styles

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# 9 Foody

Foody UI Kit constitutes a whole features mobile UI Kit for beginning with food, restaurant and recipe applications at your disposal. Further, this UI Kit contains 21 screens for iOS offering numerous handy widget-style components for your motivation.

Main Features:

  • 21 iOS screens
  • Wholly oriented on Flat Design Standards
  • 375×812 Resolution
  • Completely Layered and Organized with correct Names
  • San Francisco fonts (contained on download package)
  • Nicely-documented Help file
  • Free Icon vector
  • Easy to alter the color style
  • For Restaurants and Ordering Food
  • Designed for iPhone X & iOS 11
  • Greatly customizable layouts
  • Compliant with XD, Sketch & Figma

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# 10 Moo

Mobile App Template Moo is a mix of 4 UI Kit with accuracy while maintaining contemporary design patterns. Also, Package contains 4 preferred categories: Bar and Restaurant, Banking, Dating, Food Order can design plenty of beautiful apps individually.

Moo – Mobile App Template a graceful, rare and stylish Mobile UI Kit. It will aid you to conserve loads of time developing your products. Versions are created for not just Sketch file but also Figma file, so it’s actually simple to editable.

Built for all – Designers, iOS Developers, Design Studios. Be Inventive, Be Awesome.


  • 100% Top-Quality vectors
  • Free font Google to utilize
  • 250 plus Premium Screens
  • Works in Figma & Sketch
  • Symbol library simple to use
  • Nicely organized Groups and Layers

What’s inside?

  • Help file
  • Sketch file

Categories included

  1. Bar & Restaurant
  2. Food Order
  3. Dating
  4. Banking

Mockups: Mockup World
Images: Unsplash
Icon Utilized: Flaticon
Font Employed: Roboto – Free Google Font

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The sketch app has got popular currently and has been termed as photoshop killer. Sketch template will aid you to add flesh to your bone of ideas. For the sketch newbies out there, there is a splendid collection of UX/UI kits, wireframe UIs, mockups, and icons sets in sketch format to employ for your projects. These templates are free for use also. Dig in!!

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