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Things You Should Know Before Blogging 

Things You Should Know Before Blogging 

Living in a digital world means that things and trends change every day – and this holds true for blogging too! Blogging started in 2011 and SO much has changed since then! Staying updated with the new trends is a continuous process for both novice and seasoned bloggers. Keeping that in mind, we have listed below 10 things you should know before blogging in 2021! Read on: 

1. WordPress produces 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments every month:

WordPress is the most-used platform for blogging in the world. Providing over 120 languages, WordPress has the most active users in every part of the world. On average, there are 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments being published on WordPress every month. This means at least 840,000,000 new blog posts are being published on WordPress every hour. With that many posts being published every hour, most of these posts likely get ignored by the audience. There are millions of blogs that fail to reach even a 100 views mark. It is important that bloggers understand this fact and write their blogs in a way that stands out from this crowd.

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2. About 500 new blog posts were published since you read the last fact:

If you need an illustration of just how much content is being published at any given point, this is it. WordPress alone contributes to so much content on the internet, and there are so many other blogging platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Blogger that aren’t even being considered here. Imagine the numbers if you added all the posts being published on every single one of these platforms!

3. 80% of web users regularly read blog posts:

Statistically, over 21.1 billion articles are read on WordPress every month. The number of consumers for blogs is way higher than the number of publishers. It is said that blogging is the primary way to distribute content in the modern era. At least eight out of ten people still read blogs regularly. So, if you are still confused about whether you should start blogging or not, this fact should fix it.

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4. Blogs add credibility to your website:

A website that posts blog updates regularly is far more credible in the eyes of the viewer than a website with just a small handful of pages. Blogs help you to build trust with your consumers. If a person is comparing two websites, he is more likely to trust the one with ample information about the subject. Apart from that, blogs help your website to be easily visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. So, if your website has a blog about a certain topic, there are very high chances it might end up as the top article if the keywords are being searched.

5. Marketers are planning to increase their blogging effort in 2021:


Marketers are known to follow the trends. In a recent survey, more and more marketers are planning to increase their blogging effort this year. Blogs have proven to be a great marketing strategy for every field, right from technology to eCommerce clothing brands. Marketers that already exist in the blogging world are looking to invest more into this area, whereas newcomers are joining the bandwagon with great enthusiasm.

6. Only 15% of blog traffic comes from paid ads:

Existing bloggers can check where their blog traffic comes from in their Google Analytics whenever they want. As for the newcomers, here are some stats – 53% of blog traffic comes from organic web searches. Meaning, people searching for keywords on Google, Yahoo, or Bing click on a non-ad result to get solutions to their queries. 15% of traffic comes from paid ads which include paid advertisements on search engines. This also includes paid ads on YouTube and other social media like Facebook or Instagram. The remaining 32% of traffic comes from offline sources, direct referrals, and other untracked traffic.

7. About 25% of all websites have blogs:

This may seem like a small figure, but there are plenty of websites on the internet that do not need blogs altogether. For example, Reddit does not have a blog feature on its main website, as it is distributed on a different site. Similarly, Instagram does not have blogs because it is just a part of Facebook. The number of websites that have blogs, however, is growing every day. More and more content is being created, and more and more businesses and websites are opting for the blogs feature for their products.

8. Websites with blogs have more indexed pages:

More the pages on your website, the higher is the number of pages you index in Google’s database which includes everything. Blog content regularly tops the search results based on the keywords of the products or subject your article is about. Websites without blogs usually get overlapped in the search process, unless it is a very specific search.

9. Blogs with images get more viewers than ones without images:

Writing blogs is just one part of your content marketing plan. It has been observed that blog posts with media like images, videos, or gifs get more viewers and deliver better results. Every blogger must start to include media content in their posts to get a higher engagement rate and earn more links.

10. Longer blog posts generate more leads:

Studies have proved that longer blog posts get more links and more traffic. The average word count for blog posts is said to be somewhere around 1200-1500. Content that has a smaller word count is viewed as “thin” content by search engines and algorithms that are designed to filter posts from the huge amount of content being published every day. For a viewer, longer blog posts seem to deliver more value and hold better chances of being shared among their peers.

So, there you have it! Despite new trends, blogging is here to stay – but it is bound to evolve like everything else. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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