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Create Your Logo With Tailor Brand

A logo constitutes the most vital part of a brand’s identity. It even aids to create brand recall – important, if you are intending to draw and retain an extensive customer Tailor Brands Logo Maker enables you to obtain a customized logo that can aid you design a unique brand image for your business.

Create Your Logo

This review of Tailor Brands outlines the company’s strength, the benefits it provides, its weaknesses, besides much more.

Supported Formats For Tailor Brand

You not just obtain an extensive range of graphic design features with Tailor, though you can download your Tailor-designed presentation or logo in different formats:

  1. High-resolution JPG
  2. High-resolution PNG
  3. A vector EPS file

What Suits Tailor Brands Best

If you require to create a fast logo but are deficient in the graphic designing skills to build one, then the online graphic tool Tailor Brands may just be the solution. Besides, it can also aid you prepare social media posts and brand merchandise in sync with the brand identity and logo you’re striving for.

Ease Of Use

The studio of Tailor Brands may not be as sophisticated as its rivals with regard to graphic designing tools, but it is amazingly easy to use. The user interface is extremely simple as the focus audience for the product is non-graphic designers, It’s appropriate even for complete starters.

It permits you to save your entire designs. You can even access a huge range of resources to know how to use Tailor’s digital design tools.

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Designs And Templates

The templates and designs present in Tailor Brands allows you to bid adieu to standardized templates! The automated logo generator provides much more customizability than you may imagine. You can use it in the following way:


To start your logo building process, you will initially have to fill a short questionnaire regarding your company. It is recommended to prepare in advance and keep a concise brand image in your head. You will also have to answer queries about your preferred font. That’s among the coolest features that sets apart Tailor Brands from logo-making tools.


The following step is to formulate a tagline or the name of your brand. A logo’s essence rests in its visuals or its text, and this constitutes the step for you to define both.


After you submit the whole information, the logo software will create multiple options for you to pick from. Once you choose a logo design, you can then optimize it further and modify its size, color and so on.

Performing with Tailor resembles performing with a personal designer – simply minus the high price tag related. You can even apply the logo on different bits of business merchandise to observe if it adapts to the brand image you possess in your head.

Supported Devices

Tailor Brands constitutes an online platform. As there is no existing extension for the app, you can just access it through its website on your laptop. Nevertheless, the company also presents an app termed “Logo Maker by Tailor Brands,” The application is present for iOS as well as Android for you to design a logo on the go.

Plans And Pricing

Tailor Brands presents 3 pricing plans for its customers – Basic, Standard, and Premium. Let’s view them:


$9.99 every month – you can receive a discount if you pay for the whole year, lowering the expenses to $3.99 per month.

Features contained are a high-resolution logo with complete ownership.

Access to the logo resize tool and social media logos.


$19.99 every month – you can receive the cost per month lowered to $5.99 by paying for the whole year upfront.


High-resolution logo

Tailor social media logo

Vector EPS files

Logo resizing

A business card design tool

Special logo generator

Stationery tool

According to Tailor Brands reviews, the standard plan is the most common one.

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$49.99 each month or $12.99 every month if you pay for the whole year upfront.

Ownership of the product

High-resolution logo-making

Social media logo designing

Vector EPs files


Stationery and business card graphic tools

Seasonal logo generator

Automated updates

Social media analytics

You can also employ Tailor Brands coupons to get huge discounts. The coupons range from 25% and extend up to 50%, 70%, and 80% discounts.


As with each tool, the time was spared to examine the customer support options to offer you the finest Tailor Brands review probable.

The website gives you access to frequently asked questions and a huge range of tutorials and blogs on how to use the platform to the best advantage.

But what regards contacting the customer support team?

You can only extend to them via email, and the non-existence of a phone number makes communication hard.

User Reviews

Many Tailor Brands reviews have been positive. Small businesses, especially, seem to denote an elevated level of trust in the company’s services. The flexibility and ease of use of the platform, specifically, seem to be the primary reasons for its popularity.

However, Reddit users of Tailor Brands are quite disappointed with the company’s customer service. Many also assert that its price plans may be slightly unfair.

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Synopsis Of Tailor Brands Benefits

Logos Custom-made To Preferences

Creating a logo that mirrors your brand can be hard. Besides, it can even break the bank, particularly if you are beginning or are tasking with an expert designer. However, Tailor Brands allows you to make one simply by answering some queries. For instance, the solution will inquire whether you favor abstract designs over icons or only simple text. These can aid the platform produce logo variations that adapt to your tastes and also your branding.

Social Media Posts Templates

Motivating content fuels social media marketing. Still, it can be grueling to build posts like photos, articles, and videos constantly from scratch. For that end, Tailor Social presents social media posts templates. There are quotes and facts for you to choose from, which you can post on your accounts immediately upon selecting them. Certainly, you even have the option to alter the style, text, and color prior to making them public.

Posts Scheduler

Even though you are required to engage your audience everyday, it is not necessary to remain connected to your mobile device or computer continuously to do so. Tailor Social offers you a posts scheduler, which assures that your posts turn live at the proper time. This also lets you focus on different tasks besides distributing content. This also implies that you can schedule weeks, months, or also a year forward and make alterations only when required.

Social Media Analytics

Tailor Social’s social media module includes more than a post scheduler and content creator. An analytics tool is also available that can assist you monitor the performance of your content. By applying this, you can forecast which kind of content is a favorite with your audience, what time of the day, and what day of the week they are most engaged. Thereby, you can optimize your social media strategy for improved performance.

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Just like social media posts, there are many images you can pick from to apply as backgrounds in your ads. Tailor Ads also present you a collection of text styles to dispatch your message. Above that, you can brand the image with your logo. However, it must be observed that you can solely upload a .PNG file to the platform.

Custom-adapted For Various Merchandise

If you are intending to apply your logo on various surfaces like a business card, a tumbler, else a shirt, you can view how they look before you print them. That is since Tailor Brands displays you during the editing stage of your logo. This way, you can be assured that your logo renders precisely as you wish on different facades.


Best Three Tailor Brands Pros

  • Ease of use
  • Add-on products
  • Great value for money


Top Two Tailor Brands Cons

  • Absence of phone support
  • Limited customization

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The Verdict

The Tailor Brands review can be concluded with the following pointers.

Perfect for one-time logo creators

It is a superb service for small business

Presents the finest logo making tools for starters

Alternatives To Tailor Brands

The 2 most common alternatives for Tailor Brands are Looka and Wix logo maker. Though, the quantity of tools and services presented by Tailor provides it an edge over its rivals. Apart from being among the finest logo makers out there it is a total brand identity generator with its integration options and social media graphics design tools.


Online reviews of Tailor Brands are a proof to its positive worth in its customers’ lives. Previously, designing a brand identity was extremely expensive and time-taking. But no more.

The Tailor Brands Logo Maker is amazingly easy to use and also quite affordable, offering its customers optimal value for money. The interface is quite plain, and the design process as simple as it probably can be to serve novices and beginners.

You won’t regret it if you bank on Tailor Brands to assist you with your logo.

Also, if you want, we can provide you with a coupon to use our product and test it all by yourself, just update us and we’ll deliver it.

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