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7 Comprehensive WordPress Backup Solutions You Should Know About

Security is what matters a lot while creating a presence online. A small carelessness or mistake can result in serious consequences for you. Similarly, when you are running your website on WordPress, you must deploy some security on your site that ensures timely backup and restores of your database. And, WordPress Backup Solutions are a smart option for it.

7 Comprehensive WordPress Backup Solutions

So, explore this list of 7 most comprehensive WordPress Backup solutions and protect your site with a strong shield:

1. BackupBuddy


iThemes offers one of the best WordPress backup solutions “BackupBuddy”. It only requires a few clicks to back up your WordPress website. It doesn’t just take the backup of your database, it also takes the backup of entire WordPress installation so that you’ll have a copy of your WordPress files every time.

Key features include:

  • Back up of entire WordPress website
  • Scheduled and automatic backups
  • Store your backup files off-site
  • Restore quickly
  • Customize Backup Contents
  • Downloadable Backup Zip Files
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Move WordPress or Migrate WordPress
  • Serialized Data and Database Mass Text Replacement
  • WordPress Cron Manager

2. UpdraftPlus


If you’re looking some smart solution to prevent your site from Hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates or simple user error, besides BackupBuddy, UpdraftPlus is another one of the best WordPress Backup Solutions. it performs complete manual or scheduled backups your WordPress files including all databases, WordPress plugins, and themes.

Key features include:

  • Multi-site (i.e. WPMU/WordPress Network) compatible.
  • Proven to backup sites of 100GB
  • Backs up limitless non-WordPress files and external databases.
  • WP-CLI support and Incremental backups
  • Central place to store and manage backups including 1 gigabyte of free storage

And, a lot more!

3. BackUpWordPress

BackupWordPress is offered by XIBO Ltd and it is another great solution to prevent your WordPress site from hackers and malware. It is an open source WordPress Plugin with 200,000+ active installations.

Key features include:

  • Easy to use and requires less memory
  • Works in “shared host” environments.
  • Manage multiple schedules and uses zip and mysqldump
  • Works on Linux & Windows Server.
  • Exclude files and folders from your backups.

4. Duplicator


Duplicator is another WordPress backup solution offered by SnapCreek that provides a fast and reliable option to secure your site data.  You’ll get surprised to know that more than 700,000 websites are showing their trust in it.

Key features include:

  • Easy to use and provides premium support
  • Multisite support and can overwrite live sites.
  • Large site support along with single file package
  • Large database support
  • Auto database creation

And, a lot more!

5. VaultPress


Another option that you can try is VaultPress. It provides a complete solution to make your site secure from hackers, Host failure, viruses, malware, and exploits. Moreover, it also allows you to sync your data daily as well as in real time.

Key features include:

  • Daily and Real-time Backups
  • Monitor VaultPress Activity in Realtime and Scan Your Entire Site
  • Restore Backups Automatically
  • Review & Fix Vulnerabilities
  • Download any Backup

6. BackWPup


Now, let’s move on to BackWPup, a WordPress Backup Plugin that doesn’t let you feel sad in case your site gets crashed due to any reason.

Key features include:

  • Complete Automatic Restore and Database Backup
  • Standalone App for Emergency Restore
  • Encrypt Backup Archives and can Restore Encrypted Backups
  • WordPress XML-Export
  • Administration of Backup-Archive and log files

And, a lot more to explore!

7. WP All Backup

WP All Backup

Let’s move on to WP All Backup plugin.

It is designed to create and restore Backup easily using a single click. You can easily save your backup on a safe place like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP. A great solution to create a Backup of entire site including your Database, WordPress Core along with WordPress Themes & Plugins.

Key features include:

  • Migrate, copy or clone your site.
  • Manual and Auto-backup feature available
  • Create a backup on a single click
  • Backup Listing: Pagination
  • Multisite compatible and Exclude specific folders and files
  • FTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive integration

And, a lot more!

Words over to you

So, here I’m ending this list.

Explore the features of these WordPress Backup Solutions and secure your site from being hacked or from any other online security threat.

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