Performance Optimization

Get Your Site Optimized

Performance optimization plays a very important role in the way clients and search engines see your site. The speed of the website is an important ranking factor of Google. By optimizing the speed of your website you can easily engage with your visitors and it helps them to come back to you again and again. We at Wbcom Designs are proficient in optimizing WordPress site that are used by many users all over the world. WordPress usage regularly requires remarkable optimization before they can deal with a lot of simultaneous movement. Our specialized group of engineers works on pictures, server design, and tuning.

What we offer?

WordPress Image Optimization

Any images that were over-sized were identified and then replaced with images in web resolution. This greatly reduces the overall bandwidth load.

WordPress Theme Optimization

Theme developers are also guilty of failing to address performance issues. Slow loading theme elements are identified and corrected.

WordPress Server Configuration and Tuning

Apache are desirable when dealing with PHP (programming language) and MySQL (database schema) which are the foundations of WordPress. Apache and other critical server elements are carefully configured to provide the best possible WordPress Performance.

WordPress Plugin Optimization

The plugins which are working slow are identified and then removed, corrected, or replaced. Plugin developers rarely build their plugins with big traffic in mind and many plugins fail miserably when large amount of traffic hits.

Common Wordpress Performance Problems

Here are some common performance issues we've found analyzing Wordpress sites: