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October 7, 2016
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October 5, 2016

My Olive tree

Why Plant Trees in the Desert?

Since May 1, 2008, My Olive Tree has been planting olive trees in Israel. Our ministry’s ultimate vision is to plant 1 million trees over the next 7 years, with the majority of those taking root in the barren, sparsely populated region of the Negev Desert.

While this ancient and vast landscape is full of rich history, including the homeland of Abraham, you might be wondering…

Why plant trees in a desert? Wouldn’t it make more sense to plant them in a place where they could grow more easily?

You’re right. After all, olive trees are not a desert plant. They must have regular watering to thrive.

But… what you might not know is the prophecy behind this very intentional decision to plant olive trees in the Negev Desert of Israel.

We are beginning to witness a restitution of all things as predicted prior to the return of our Lord (Acts 3:21).

Israel has been restored as a nation, with the return of Jews and Jerusalem as its capital… Evangelicals are returning to the Jewish roots of their faith… The King’s Oil has been restored to the Church…