WB Ads Rotator

WB Ads Rotator

This plugin is designed for the SPLIT TESTING, you can check performance of your ads layout and on the basis of them you can select one of them for your regular use.



  • It is the only one FREE plugin which give you functionality of SPLIT TESTING helps you to manage advertisements you want to display on your website.
  • User can decide the Filter type where they want to display ads like on posts, pages, media, homepage , custom post type like above post, inside post, below post or in the sidebars widget.
  • User can create multiple layout for showing multiple advertisements (maximum 6 ads/layout).
  • Layouts automatically can switch to one another so you can display many ads to your users.
  • WB Ads Rotator provides you all stats for traffic coming to your advertisements.

Steps to follow for its usage

  • When you install and activate your plugin then in your dashboard menu you have WB Ads Rotators menu and one more menu WB Ad.
  • WB Ads Rotators have two option :
    1. Filters
    2. Split Test.
  • When you click on filters, you have option to create new filter to display on post , page, home page, etc. By Default plugin have a filter named All Traffic.
  • Then after click on Create New Filter then you can set up specific ads on specific post type you want with the help of option named as criteria, it has a dropdown menu which have all post type and custom post type. You have to select from there.
  • Exclude Ids and Include Ids are also given there so that user can remove or add specific Ids from the post or page user want to display/not display ads. You just need to enter Ids by separating them with comma Eg: (1,3,45,6,...).
  • When you successfully create filters, you can set the priority for them as we have provided a Reorder Filter.
  • When you click on Split Testing, You have page which consist all the filters you have created and there you have an option Create New Layout.
  • When you click on Create New Layout option, then there you can create new ads and select existing ads. You can decide how many ads you want in that particular layout. There you have a plus sign option to add new ads.
  • When you click on plus sign given there, then there you can add your own custom HTML and Java Script, Location that means above post, inside post, below post or given three sidebars named Sidebar A, Sidebar B, Sidebar C.
  • When you fill up the settings as per your requirements then click on Save Ad Layout.
  • User have all there layout shown on Split Test page with details like status of layouts, total ads in layouts, total views, play/pause option, delete option, edit option.
  • With edit option you can edit your ads in the layout.
  • User can also add there ads directly from WB Ads option given in your dashboard menu and assign to the layout.