EDD Service Extended

Easy Digital Download Service Extended

Adds message section in the user dashboard for conversation with the vendor on the product purchased.


  • Activate Easy Digital Download Service Extended from your Plugins page (require Easy Digital Downloads plugin) if required plug is not installed and activated, Easy Digital Download Service Extended will not get activated.
  • After activation a metabox (Initial Message/ Requirement) will be added to the ‘Add Downloads’ admin form, This message will be used as initial message of the conversation on purchasing any service.
  • If “Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions” plugin is used for multi vendors store then (Initial Message/ Requirement) input box will automatically get added to the form.
  • To display the form in the front end use shortcode [add_user_comment_edd] in the page ‘Payment confirmation’ already created by the Easy Digital Downloads.
  • The users who purchase the file can close the thread by giving rating and feedback message to the vendor.